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What are you packing for Comic Con?

Posted in Events by  •  June 29, 2016

The summer comic con season is here and what better time to write a packing list than now?  Whether you're going for a day or the whole weekend, make sure you've got the essentials with you: 1. Deodorant & wet wipes- it's hot at venues, even in the depths of winter.  Do yourself (and everyone else) a big...

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I'm going to talk about the elephant in the room - the one that everyone quietly whispers about but never really addresses...   BODY ODOR   There, I've said it!  As a frequent attendee of lots of events such as comic cons, gigs, toy fairs and other large gatherings, I'm very familiar with...

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Ten Tips for Comic Con Newbies

Posted in Events by  •  July 9, 2014

Attending your first comic con is exciting but also daunting if you don't know what to expect.  Here's our top tips: 1) Hit social media before you go.  For most cons, you'll find excited attendees chatting on twitter (search for hash tags eg. #SDCC - is the San Diego Comic Con, #LFCC is the London Film and Comic...

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LFCC Summer 2014 is this week, and we seem to have spent every spare minute of the past 2 weeks keeping up with the forums, Twitter and Facebook seeing who's cancelled, who's going as what, (keeping everything crossed it's not one of the big headliners!), planning our photoshoot and talk schedule, working out...

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UK Exclusive Stan Lee Pop at LFCC

Posted in Collectables, Events by  •  July 3, 2014

Earlier this week I was browsing on ebay to see if any uber rare funko's had been listed when I happened to come across a picture of a Stan Lee Funko Pop it was only on closer inspection I noticed this little fella had a Union Jack on his t-shirt. I hurriedly scrolled down the page to the description where it said he...

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Countdown to WLFCC

Posted in Events by  •  September 30, 2013

Only a few more days left until the Winter Film and Comic Con at Olympia.  If you've not managed to prebook your tickets (online booking is now closed) you can still purchase tickets on the door.  Earlybird tickets are £12 and normal tickets (entry at 11am) are £6. We'll be there taking photos of...

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London Film & Comic Con Here We Come

Posted in Events by  •  September 17, 2013

  THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE HERE!!!! Excited shouts when the postie delivered our London Film & Comic Con tickets this morning!  This will be the first time we've been to this event and we're super excited!  No costumes this time (we're working up courage!), just our shiny new Geek Almighty T...

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