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Do you love stickers? We love stickers! From jazzing up tired old address books, to personalising tech (yes, me & Phil both have identical ipad covers – I bought mine first, I swear!) stickers / vinyls / decals or whatever you want to call them have such a huge appeal to so many people.

I was a teenager sticker collector (stinky stickers were the ultimate items to have in your photo album collection back in the day).  Roll on a couple of decades, I’ve started buying them again.  I think it’s because there’s just so many creative makers out there with really exciting and new ideas that really appeal to me.  I’ve bought a few packs from Etsy sellers which I’ve used on various snail mails, and I’ve also bought some from places like Redbubble.

So I was really chuffed when the guys at Sticker Swaps asked me if I’d review one of their subscription packets and I gladly agreed.

Firstly, I was really surprised to get the envelope of stickers so quickly – their subscriptions are in US dollars, so I expected a bit of a wait, as I assumed it was coming from the US (looking on their site, they’re actually based in Devon.) When the bright pink enveloped plopped on to my door mat, I was really pleased to see a good selection of 11 different stickers, from which I’ve a couple of very strong favourites (although I know Fred will be fighting me for them), and at least 4 that Phil will really like (old style gamer, and anything beard / barber related will easily please him!)

The majority of the stickers I got are by independent artists and illustrators – here’s what I got:











My favourites:











Old School Tattoo Donut design by Stabby Gabby (check out her instagram – loving her Troll creatives)











This uber cute hamster design by Sarah Johnson (don’t know anything else about her other than she’s from Cardiff – I’ll update this if I find out more)











I think this subscription has a lot of really great things going for it:

  1. It’s a great way for creative peoples to get their stuff out there (send the Sticker Swaps guys a wave with a hashtag of #stickerswaps to get their attention)
  2. It’s an awesome way of discovering new creatives & owning a little piece of what they do (I’ve already followed some of the insta accounts & can’t wait to see what they bring out next)
  3. Epic new stuff for happy mail swaps.  You can pass the sticker love on, in many of the regular happy mail swaps that go on in instagram
  4. Customising your stuff with vinyls that no one else has!

If you’d like to try a subscription (they start at $9.99 – yes, it’s dollars!), you can grab you first one at a 50% discount with this code: BLOG50


Geek Almighty Rating for Sticker Swaps Subscription

I really like the stickers, but I do think the subscription box is on the expensive side if you were to buy one offs. Based on current exchange rate, that’s about £7.99

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