Marvel Universe Live Review

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Rarely do I read marketing emails from O2, but when one promoting Marvel Universe Live popped into my inbox on a cold January morning, it got my attention.

What is Marvel Universe Live?

I’d never heard of it before, but after a quick investigation of YouTube, it looked right up our street (and it was on at the NIA, Birmingham in Christmas week.)  In a nutshell, it’s a live action stunt show, light display and theatrics, based around the Marvel Universe.  You can pretty much expect to see the major Marvel characters featured, as well as a few less known ones depending on whether you’re a fan of the comic books or just the films.

The Story Line

The show itself had a story line, which opened with Thor smashing a powerful cube (aka The Cosmic Cube) and hiding the pieces across the universe in order to prevent his brother Loki who has escaped from prison, from getting hold of them and becoming all powerful.  The story follows The Avengers collecting the pieces again (which have now fallen into the hands of various super villains) and capturing Loki.

The Best Characters

Loki was particularly standout for me, as was the Red Skull (who tried to escape in a mini plane – it’s quite a sight to behold! Although maybe unintentionally funny to watch.) The Green Goblin also features, flying around on his glider – one of the best parts was Spiderman hanging on upside down beneath the Glider, while Green Goblin was cluelessly standing above him.

The Effects

With regards to the costumes, the sets, the sound and the lighting effects, this is easily one of the best live performance shows I’ve seen.  The lighting was absolutely spectacular, and it was put to amazing use for Iron Man’s repulsor beam attacks, Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer), and Thor & Loki’s travel via the bifrost.  It was also used really well to distract your attention away from the set changes (which are pretty much constant) although I find that part absolutely fascinating so maybe paid it more attention than I should!

The narration is done by Jarvis (Tony Starks IA computer) with all the characters individually voiced in a suitably heroic way (the actors are busy acting & doing stunts, they don’t do the actual speaking too.)

The Overall Experience

We went to see it at the O2 Arena (or NIA) in Birmingham and it was very smoothly run.  Parking was super easy (both getting in and out – my top tip is to leave the show immediately as it ended, i.e. when everyone starts clapping, otherwise you will get stuck for hours getting out of the car park!)  Getting in to the Arena was very well organised.  Fast moving queues, friendly staff and the venue itself is well laid out.

The merchandise was, as you would expect, very expensive (£6 for a snow cone, £18 for some flashing glasses!)  The tickets were expensive with no discounts for children, so for the 3 of us plus parking, the afternoon came just shy of £100 (that’s excluding any expensive tat.)

The show started at 3pm, there was a 30 minute break at 3.30pm and it finished at 4.45pm.  It was really entertaining and I can see why the tickets cost so much, so yes, I do recommend going as a one off treat.  I don’t think that we would do it again.

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