Dealing With T Shirt Addiction

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There’s a serious case of T-Shirt addiction in our household and it was getting out of control.  With 3-4 regular subscription boxes arriving every month, and pretty much each one containing a t-shirt, drawer space was reaching a premium (don’t even ask about the wardrobe – we have one double wardrobe between two of us for clothes that need to hang, and a built-in wardrobe in our daughters room which is full of boxes of collections!)

Messy t-shirt drawer

Messy t-shirt drawer

Taking inspiration from Dr Sheldon Cooper, I invested a whole £4 on one of these babies off ebay, a clothes folder, and it has proven to be a total game changer.   No more overstuffed drawers, that sit in a perpetual half-open state (never fully closing, yet remaining completely stubborn to opening fully.) What’s more, the t – shirts actually still look good and not that they’ve been dragged out of the bottom of the laundry.

So, how do clothes folders work?

Fold it Like Sheldon

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As so beautifully demonstrated above, folded t-shirt nirvana can be achieved in a few simple steps (ignore my wrinkly t-shirt I used in the demo, I probably should have ironed it first!):

  1. Place T-Shirt folder on a flat surface in front of you with the small centre flap facing you:

T shirt folder

2. Place T-Shirt face down in the centre of the folder, and make sure the collar/neck is touching the top of the folder

T shirt folder

3.  Fold the bottom of the t-shirt upwards so that it is not over hanging the bottom of the folder.  For larger t-shirts, you may also need to check the arms are not overhanging the sides of the folder, if they are tuck them in a little so they are flush with the folder edges.


4. Take hold of one side of the folder and flip it to the middle and lift the folder flap away leaving the t-shirt partially folded.


5. Repeat step four on the other side


6. Flip the bottom folder flap up towards the top


7. Pull back top folder flap and flip your t-shirt over.  Voila, neatly folded and ready for storing!


Here’s a slightly tidier t-shirt drawer but more importantly… space for more t-shirts! How do you deal with wardrobe overload? Flog it off on Ebay? Chuck a load down to the local charity shop? Just live with it? Let me know in the comments below!


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