Walker Stalker London Review

Posted in Events, Reviews by  •  March 16, 2017

What is Walker Stalker London? Walker Stalker London is the european leg of the Walking Dead fan convention. If you are a fan of the tv show, this is your chance to meet the stars of the show and meet fellow fans. When is Walker Stalker London? In 2017, the event ran on 4th and 5th March. 2018 tickets are on sale...

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Sticker Swaps Subscription Box Review

Posted in Other Geekery, Reviews by  •  November 29, 2016

Do you love stickers? We love stickers! From jazzing up tired old address books, to personalising tech (yes, me & Phil both have identical ipad covers - I bought mine first, I swear!) stickers / vinyls / decals or whatever you want to call them have such a huge appeal to so many people. I was a teenager sticker...

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What is Trello? In its most basic form, Trello is an app (also accessible via their website) for creating lists. I would describe it as a life management system! You can sign up and try it for free, and if you invite someone new to the app to share your boards, you'll get 30 days gold membership for free when they...

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I can't help but notice the resurgence  in popularity of board games, and I'm delighted about it!  If you've joined Meetup it's quite likely you'll have seen a local board games group that meets weekly or a couple of times a month down a local pub.  Our own local group currently has 178 members and has a weekly...

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Scrawlr Box Review – March 2016 Box

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Someone I follow on Instagram posted a great illustration they'd created with some art goodies they'd got from Scrawlr box.  Being a sucker for new pens & subscription boxes, I decided to investigate... There's an awful lot of very creative people out there, doing fantastic things such as Kattvalk on youtube...

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