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10649492_10153253033486700_7913833948104819011_nWho are Geek Almighty?

We’re Phil (on the right) and Lol (on the left) – web & design heads, but more importantly super geeks! We’ve been regular comic conners before they were even called comic cons, collectors of all kind of child hood tat and now mainly curios for our wall of weird. We also run a toy stall and ebay store in our spare time featuring Funko Pops and Lego Minifigures.

We’re parents to a mini geek girl in training (Fred), who did her first comic con at age 3, invented Superhero I Spy, and loves to draw vampires, zombies and cat eating wolves (don’t ask!)

Most of the posts on this site are written by me (Lol) along with some of the dodgy design elements and ropey images.  The cool, funky images and designs are all by Phil (it’s very easy to spot his work!)


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