Why I Love Trello, The App for Listoholics

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What is Trello?

In its most basic form, Trello is an app (also accessible via their website) for creating lists. I would describe it as a life management system!

You can sign up and try it for free, and if you invite someone new to the app to share your boards, you’ll get 30 days gold membership for free when they join.

What does it look like?

Trello app on mobile and tablet - original image from the Trello website

Trello app on mobile and tablet – original image from the Trello website

You can have one or many boards, and give each one a theme.  Each board has one or many lists (eg. To do, doing, done or whatever you want it to be called), and each list has one or many cards (cards are basically list items or where you add useful bits of information.)

How do you use it?

I’ve found it to be very flexible. For example, for managing my home life, I’ve got an Urgent board, Weekend board, and weekly shop board. I share these 3 boards with Phil so he’s always got a current list on his phone & is not managing from tatty post-its stuffed in his pocket.

I also have a couple of boards to manage my website & blog. The blog board for example (see below) contains 4 lists –

  1. To do: blogs I’m going to write
  2. Doing: blogs I’m currently working on
  3. Done: recently completed blogs
  4. Idea generator: list of generic blog themes to fall back on when I’m stuck for ideas

Example Trello Board

The To do list has cards with the title of the blog post, a due date, and colour coding depending on the due date of the blog

The Doing list has cards with attachments relating to a work in progress eg. image ideas, urls, copy ideas

When I’m working on a new post, I move the card from the To do, to the Doing list.

I love that I can access the boards on my laptop, mobile phone and tablet, so I’ve always got access to my to do lists and I can log ideas and even create content (the majority of this post was originally written on my phone at lunchtime while in the office.)

The board sharing option is great too.

How much does it cost?

The basic package for individuals is free, this gives you unlimited boards, basic dropbox integration and 10MB of attachment storage.

The business class edition is $8.33 a month (paid annually),  offers a whole tonne of features & 250MB attachment storage

The enterprise edition is $20 a month (paid annually) and would be great for teams working on projects.

Where do I sign up?

You can download the app from the app store, or sign up via their website.

Geek Almighty Rating for the Trello App

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